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Dr. Michael Suzman

Dr. Suzman is a board-certified plastic surgeon and Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, serving the New York City area in Westchester and Greenwich, CT. He is Chief of Plastic Surgery at White Plains Hospital and Chairman of the Board for WESTMED Medical Group. His innovative approaches to plastic surgery procedures, such as rhinoplasty and breast reconstruction, make him a leading surgeon in his field. He has a passion for reconstructive cancer treatment as well as the cosmetic plastic surgery for which he is so well-known. Dr. Suzman believes that everyone deserves quality, individualized care, and it is his goal to treat every patient in a unique and exceptional way. Thanks to his extensive knowledge and stunning results, he has been ranked as one of the “Top Doctors” by both New York and Westchester magazines.

Meet Dr. Suzman


"Great care and very pleased with the natural results of my facelift and eye surgery. Thank you to Dr. Suzman and his team for taking such good care of me and for making me feel so comfortable!"



"He did my nose job and it came out very well! I liked how during my consultation he used photoshop to show me what my nose would look like after. It looks natural and pretty"



"I would highly recommend Dr. Suzman and his staff to anyone looking to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure. Each step of the way, from our first zoom consultation to our in-person appointments and surgery, he made me feel extremely comfortable and confident in my decision to choose him as my surgeon. It has only been about a week since my surgery, and I am already thrilled with the results."



"Dr. Suzman is very patient, kind and friendly. He is very confident in his work and I got great results."



"Dr. Suzman is the Best - I am so very happy with my result (both cosmetically and medically with my breathing) - Dr Suzman and his staff are the best of the best. They worked their hardest to ensure that I would be able to schedule my surgery even with all of the limitations that the Covid pandemic presented us and the medical practice. He made sure that as soon as we could safely have my surgery, that we did. He constantly put me at ease and was highly professional, while also just being a very pleasant and kind person to be around. It was clear from the get go who he is as a doctor and surgeon, someone who is highly trained and skilled at his craft, but also someone who clearly loves what he does- and wants to perform surgeries to help his patients as often as he physically can. Something that always stands out to me is that he prides himself on creating an authentic and natural looking result, rather than “looking like you got surgery”, which is all a patient could hope for. And: that was achieved for me. Although nothing can ever be perfect, he got pretty damn close to it for me! I am so very happy with my result (both cosmetically and medically with my breathing), and it has been less than a month since my surgery! It will only get better from here, and I have Dr Suzman and his staff to thank for that. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough."




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