NY Breast Implant Surgery with Dr. Suzman using IDEAL Implant

Procedure Details


Saline versus Silicone implant

  • For breast implant surgery, both saline and silicone implants are very safe, and can have long-lasting, outstanding results and very happy patients
  • While silicone gel implants are very soft and natural, after about 10-12 years, it is reasonable to replace them were screening then carefully to make sure there is not a rupture in the implants.  While this poses no direct health risk, it is advisable to replace them over time.
  • Saline implants traditionally had limitations in that day with were not as soft as silicone, and were prone to rippling.  TheIDEAL structured saline implant is designed with two chambers connected by small solid bridges which at support and structure.
  • This design is unique and makes the implant softer, and prevents rippling. the rupture rate is very low, and would usually result and a partial deflation which could be treated at the patient's convenience
  • In the many patients we have treated with the IDEAL implant, we have been very impressed with the results and our patients have been uniformly delighted


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