Dr. Suzman performs a vertical breast reduction called the Sports Reduction

Procedure Details


Vertical vs Wise Pattern

  • How do doctors decide what type of incisions to make during breast reduction?

The standard breast reduction incisions go around the areola down to the bottom of the breast and across the fold underneath the breast.  This is known as the Wise pattern, also called the inverted T. or anchor incisions.  These incisions allow removal of skin and breast tissue and reshaping.

A vertical incision, or short scar technique, is shaped like a lollipop with a circle around the areola and the scar up and down.  There is no long scar underneath the breasts.  Though that scar is often hard to see, it can become itchy and irritated and is quite long.  In patients who do not have a very long distance from the nipple to underneath the breasts, this short scar technique offers many advantages.  The final shape can be excellent, and there is less incision to heal.  Sometimes it takes a few months for this area to smooth out as the skin can be gathered or bunched underneath to avoid a longer scar.


Both techniques work well but the right technique in breast reduction must be selected for the right patient.





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