Removing a bump in Rhinoplasty Surgery with Dr. Suzman

Procedure Details


Nasal bone bump correction

  • When patients have a curve or bump or hump in the nose, it is usually made from a combination of the nasal bones and cartilage.
  • During surgery, Dr. Suzman carefully sculpts this area by reducing the nasal bone, usually to a height equal to the area between the forehead and the nose.
  • After reducing or removing the nasal bump, and nasal bones often have to be realigned in the middle to create a normal appearing nose.  This surgical maneuver called osteotomy- or a controlled break of the nose.
  • Just below the nasal bones, there is cartilage in the middle known as the septum and the upper lateral cartilages.
  • These need to be trimmed to equal the height of the nasal bones after the bump is removed.
  • Great care must be taken to maintain an open airway on the inside so patient can breathe well after surgery
  • Results can be dramatic within natural and straight appearing nose, and most patients are extremely happy
  • Selecting a talented plastic surgeon with lots of experience is vital in helping obtain ideal outcomes
  • Whether you visit Dr. Suzman in his NewYork or Greenwich, CT, offices, he will be able to show you computer stimulation was of how you will look after surgery
  • These are quite accurate and are helpful in visualizing your outcome ( though of course they are never an exact prediction of the results)


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